COVID-19 Agency Announcement on Auto/Health/Life Insurance 

We hope during this difficult time you and families are staying safe and healthy.  Our hearts go out to anyone who’s been impacted by the virus, both physically & financially. 

We want to take this moment to address 3 important topics (Auto, Health and Life insurance) that came up in the last few weeks which may affect or help you and those around you.

有鑑於COVID-19 疫情,全居民皆配合政府之防疫工作,身為您的保險經紀人,我們感受到您的需求,特別針對車險、健康保險與人壽保險做了以下的便民服務。如有任何問題,歡迎透過電話、郵件或簡訊與我們聯絡。


While awaiting Farmers Insurance' decision on premium refund as some of you have heard in the news about what other companies have started doing, there are a few things we can currently explore with you to alleviate financial stress some of you may be going through.

Mileage Adjustment  車險里程數調低申請

We understand during Shelter-in-Place order most of us are not driving thus the mileage previously reported maybe higher.  If that's the case, please reach out to us and we will check to see if adjusting mileage makes any difference on premium.  Here are two ways to achieve this:

  • By California Mileage Survey - Log into your account.  If you see a notification on top indicating there is a "Mileage Survey Pending" please complete it and the reduced mileage will be updated effective your next renewal date.  No additional signature or documentation will be required.

  • By Mileage Declaration Form - Alternative we can manually update your estimated annual mileage in the system.  Please provide us your current Odometer Reading of your auto(s) and what you think the New Mileage should be.  Upon us making the changes in our system, you will be prompted to complete the following:

    • Sign/date the Mileage Declaration Form

    • Reason for the change

    • (if requested) Supporting document from past 12-mo showing odometer reading (ex. Receipts or work orders from auto maintenance, repair, or smog, etc.)

Email Odometer Reading & New Mileage to:

Declare Non-op with DMV 向 DMV 申請車輛停駛登記

If there is a vehicle you are not planning to drive at all during this period, you can declare it non-operational with DMV and the coverage for that car can be adjusted accordingly.  At least one vehicle on the policy must have liability coverage at all times.  Here is the link for DMV.  Do check with DMV if you have further questions on limitation, rules and regulations regarding non-operational vehicles.


Farmers® apologizes if you have been introduced a rate change during this difficult period. Prices are based on expectations for future losses and are derived many months in advance based on several factors.  Farmers does understand how difficult this period is for many customers. If a customer has been affected by the coronavirus and needs additional time to pay, Farmers can discuss extending the due date. Customers can contact Service Ops at 1-888-327-6335.

If you or someone you know currently doesn't have health insurance and is worried about becoming ill due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) without any health care coverage, major health insurance carriers, including Covered California have announced Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to allow currently eligible uninsured individuals to enroll. 

Feel free to also contact our agency if you would like to receive assistance to enroll.


Many inquiries came up about life insurance in the last few weeks amid COVID-19 Pandemic.  Here are a summary of recent relevant updates to help bring you up to date.

  • Yes, We Are Still Accepting New Life Applications - Like many of you, we are working remotely.  The underwriting times for new applications may be longer due to Shelter-in-Place orders, making exams or obtaining hospital records longer to complete.

  • Yes, Life Insurance Coverage Could Start Immediately - When applying for life insurance, if you meet the immediately coverage criteria and put down the 1st month premium when turning in the life application, your coverage starts immediately regardless underwriting delays as a result of current Shelter-in-Place atmosphere.

  • What If An Applicant Has Coronavirus (COVID-19)? - If you are currently ill with any condition -- including the seasonal flu, a common cold or the coronavirus, please wait until you are fully recovered before applying.

  • No, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Not Required for Underwriting - As of now, we do not anticipate adding a test for coronavirus (COVID-19) to our requirements for obtaining life insurance.

  • What If An Applicant Is Worried About Lab Test Because of Coronavirus (COVID-19)? If a customer has not been exposed to or tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), they could be eligible for Simple Term Life or Simple Whole Life policy which do not require a paramedical exam.

  • Does the Coronavirus Pandemic Impact Policy Benefits? The benefits contained in a Farmers Life policy will still apply.  We will follow our routine claims processes, and there are no specific exclusions or limitations in any of our policies that would exclude payment solely due to a death caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19)